Professional home organisation & decluttering Services


Clutter tends to build up slowly over a period of time until it reaches a critical point where you feel you can no longer function at your best. H.E.L.P!

Bliss Organisation will declutter and restore harmony and balance back into your home. We'll work closely with you to tailor solutions that not only are functional and stylish but are easy for you to maintain.

Every step of the consultation we'll work alongside you and will never discard any item without your consent. The idea is not for us to come and throw your items away but to help you find a happy place with the items that you really love!

We will customise storage solutions for every area of your home. We especially love creating fully organised wardrobes, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, linen cupboards, home offices and garages for our clients.

We can also offer support via video calls. This is great for people who just need a little guidance and would rather not have someone personally come in to help.

Each home has its own story - please contact us and let us know where you need help. We can take a look at your needs (or photos if you'd like us to) and estimate how long we think it would take to recreate the home you need, the decluttered life you crave.