Professional home organisation & decluttering Service

Q & A

What does a professional organiser do?

 A professional organiser is a skilled specialists who help people create order where it is lacking in their lives, so that they can make long-term improvements for running there day to day lives.

Do you make me throw things out?

Absolutely not.! Every step of the consultation we'll work alongside you and will never discard any item without your consent. The idea is not for us to come and throw your items away but to help you find a happy place with the items that you really love!

I'm embarrassed for people to see the mess.

We do not judge. What a lot of clients see as a "total mess" is in reality not that bad at all. You should feel proud and excited that you are willing to ask for help!

What do I need to do before you come?

We ask clients to have a visual firmly placed in their mind on how they what to live and how there ideal home would look.

What happens during the sessions?

We first have a chat about where your at and where you would like to be. We then  start the process of decluttering and then organising. We will show you tips and introduce ideas on what systems will work best throughout the session.

Do you take away the items I do not want?

This service is not included in the price.

We can give you ideas on how best to discard, give away items or sell items. If you feel like this task is too big we can arrange to help you for an additional fee.